Stone in Hotel(Vanity Top)

Part One:---Hotel intro
Part Two:---Producing process of Vanity Tops
Part Three:--- Bathroom Sink
Part Four:--- Cleaning and Maintaining
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Part One:

Hotel intro

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis. Hotels often provide a number of additional guest services such as a restaurant, a swimming pool or childcare. Some hotels have conference services and meeting rooms and encourage groups to hold conventions and meetings at their location.
Hotels differ from motels in that most motels have drive-up, exterior entrances to the rooms, while hotels tend to have interior entrances to the rooms, which may increase guests' safety and present a more upmarket image.

Granite Vanity Top and Marble Vanity Top

Granite Vanity Top

Granite is—quite literally—as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. Granite is an igneous rock, the name reflecting its fiery beginnings. The chemical composition of granite is similar to that of lava. However, granite owes its hardness and density to the fact that it has been solidified deep within the earth, under extreme pressure. Over the eons, seismic activity has changed the crust of the planet, forcing veins of granite to the surface. Glaciers scraped off layers of dirt, sand and rock to expose granite formations. Typically revealed by outcrops, the deposits have been discovered on all the continents.

"Granites are formed of an aggregate of crystals which are molded together without any interspace between them or which enclose one another. The magnificent crystallinity of granite is a striking characteristic.

It is accurate to speak of "granites," because many varieties of the stone exist. While they differ in color, texture and crystalline structure, the granites have three essential minerals in common:

Feldspar (50% or greater)
Quartz (25-40%)
Mica (3-10%)

There is an array of bathroom vanity tops for customers in the market. The ideal ones must have a sturdy, smooth finish that resists accidental spills that may stain the surface. Also, the quality of being heat and burn proof, as well as being durable, is very important because they will be frequently used, as we know bathrooms are very essential in home living. Other things to be considered in making a choice are styles, designs and functions. Standard or customize bathroom vanity tops are available to choose from to fit them well in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity tops are available in different shapes and sizes and they come in all the colors of the spectrum. Therefore, it should not be difficult to for you to find vanity tops that will match whatever you already have in your bathroom. Ceramic tops are hard, easy to clean and water resistant. Bring unique look to your bathroom by having a durable vanity top made of ceramics. Hard stones such as granite, marble, slate, etc. are the most durable vanity top. However, bathroom vanity tops made from these stones tend to be the most expensive.

Limestone and concrete are also starting to be noticed. However, limestone bathroom vanity tops has a more rough appearance unlike other stones like granite. Concrete on the other hand, offers flexibility as it can be molded to the exact liking of the owner. Objects like precious stones and many others can also be embedded in concrete, and it can also be painted to the color of your choice. One thing that isn't good about it is that it has the tendency to crack quickly.

Another type of material is made out of synthetic polyester or acrylic. This type is very durable and can easily be maintained; however, it's pricey. What's good about it though is the quality of being water resistant and abrasion free. Repair for this type comes much easier and in fact, it requires a very minimal maintenance. Like the rest, it also comes in varied colors and textures. It may also come as a faux stone.

No matter what you prefer, always remember that bathroom vanity tops should be easy to maintain, have great aesthetic design and is durable enough for years to come. They should be able to coordinate well with the environment which you chose for your bathroom and you should make sure that you get your money's worth. Buying cheap doesn't really mean it's the best choice.

Polished, satin, and honed granite refer to the different types of surface finishes applied to the face of natural stone. The "face of the stone" is the side of the stone which you will see and use. The surface finish you choose will affect the look and feel of your room and also the maintenance of your granite counter top.

The Polishing Process

It all starts with a rough slab of granite. This slab is placed on an automated conveyor system which moves the slab through various stages of the finishing process.

The side of the slab to be finished is placed up on the conveyor belt and then this process begins.

The granite goes through a series of polishing wheels fitted with coarse abrasive pads and also finer polishing pads. These pads apply pressure to the stone grinding and buffing the stone as it moves through the finishing process. The surface finish of your stone is determined by where the finishing process ends.

Polished Finish

For Polishing Granite Surfaces, Follow The Above Procedures Using An SCI Granite Powder.


If etches or surface scratches are more severe, use HONEX to smooth them before polishing.

If the shine does not appear as desired, repeat the above steps again using a heavier paste.

Do not buff the surface for more than three minutes.

Move the machine slowly and evenly, doing small areas at a time.

Protect all adjacent surfaces.

Always wear safety goggles.

Corners and angled areas can be worked by hand using the inside piece of a white pad.

One-piece constructions come with the coved backsplash and the bowl formed into the top by the manufacturer, creating a smooth continuous surface, and eliminating dirt-catching hard to clean seams. If you choose a vessel sink, the splashguard would be inconsequential.

The choices of bathroom vanity tops can be overwhelming. Some basic types of materials are available to the homeowner, which help to narrow the choice based on what material is most appropriate for your bathroom furniture. Some of the most popular choices of vanity tops include: marble, stone, prefabricated and synthetic materials, slate and tiles. If you purchase your vanity top separately from your bathroom vanity cabinet and sink, you always have the option to install it yourself, and many of the prefabricated models come with standard faucet holes pre-drilled.

Design and style are guiding principles when refining your choice of bathroom vanity tops. From the simple, clean designs of contemporary rectangular and oval shapes, to more richly fluted scallop designs, you can begin to create a bathroom that carries your personal signature. Many bathroom vanity tops can be made to order allowing the more creative homeowners to express and define their personal vision. The top is one of the contributing factors to beautify your bathroom environment and should be carefully considered as an integral part of any bathroom vanity.

A polished surface finish is shiny and reflective. This is a glossy mirror like finish. The full color, depth, and crystal structure of the stone is visible. Your stone appears darker and the colors seem richer. A polished finish will highlight the character of your natural stone. This finish is considered the finest and smoothest finish available.

It is easier to keep your granite counter tops clean and free from staining. A polished finish seals or closes more of the pores of the stone surface which helps the stone repel moisture. It is nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear.

The harder the stone is the harder it is to polish. Therefore, your polished granite will retain it's shine for a long, long, time.

Satin Finish

A satin surface finish is a middle of the road finish. This is a newer surface finish which has a light or a faint gloss. It is not as shiny as the polished finish nor as "matte like" as the honed granite finish. It is in between the two.

Honed Granite

To achieve a honed surface finish, the finishing process ends prior to the buffing stage. The result is a smooth surface without reflection. The stone will have a matte like appearance. A perfectly honed granite finish is one without scratch marks. The finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish. Generally, this finish is preferred for floors, stairs, and other locations where the presence of water might make a polished finish slippery or where foot traffic may wear off a polished finish.

Honed granite can and is used for kitchen countertops. But, taking the high gloss polish off of your stone will decrease the depth of color and make it more suceptible to surface staining. A color enhancer such as MB-6 will help to minimize surface staining.

There are other custom surface finishes available for granite such as the Diamond 8 or thermal finish. Consult with your fabricator as to the other custom surface finishes they offer and there suitablity to your project.

Marble Vanity Top

Marble is an elegant natural stone rich with beauty. A truly unique look and feel. Images of extravagance and wealth come to mind. It's been used
for centuries in palaces, temples, and for sculptures. It can be formal or casual. The surface of the stone can be polished or honed for a more formal look.

By tumbling or antiquing it, the look and feel becomes more comfortable and less formal. This stone was made to be admired. A one of a kind beauty.

Marble is formed from limestone. The heat and pressure in the earth's crust changes the texture and the composition of limestone to form large grains of calcite. This is called recrystallization. Many natural stones, including limestone and travertine, are referred to as marble because the surface of the stone can be polished to a high gloss finish. True marble is produced through the changes in the structure of the stone due to metamorphic events.

This is a calcareous stone consisting mainly of the mineral calcite. Marble is highly reactive to the acids found in vinegar, orange juice, and lemons. These acids will etch the stone and leave dull marks or rings.

Compared to granite, marble is a much a softer stone. It should not be cut on because it will scratch easily. But, it's not as soft as soapstone.

Marble is used for many things. Fireplace surrounds, flooring, sinks, vanities, closets, and for limited countertop use. It's also used for other items such as pillars, fountains, benches, architectural
trim, and sculptures. Because it is a softer stone and easier to carve, items made of marble are usually ornate and highly detailed.

This natural stone is best used where it won't to be subjected to frequent use and abuse.

There are many choices in marbles rich color tones. The purest form of marble is white.

There are creamy neutrals and warm subtle earth tones. Golden hues of yellow to jet blacks.

Dramatic veining with contrasting colors run throughout the marble giving it a distinctive look. Some marbles transmit light. The color and veining of each and every stone is unique.....

The surface of marble can be finished in a variety of ways. A polished surface finish will be reflective and shiny. This type of finish will help protect the surface of your stone by sealing open pores and making the stone less porous.

It can also be honed which is a matte like finish. It is not shiny or reflective like a polished finish is.

An antiqued or tumbled finish will weather or age the stone. The looks achieved with the surface finish can be casual or formal.

Marble is a beautiful and durable natural stone. Think of your lifestyle and where you want to use it before deciding on marble. It is a unique natural stone which has been used as a building material for hundreds of years. If you absolutely love the look of marble and are comfortable with the maintenance, choose marble. You’ll be glad you did.

Decide what colours you want on the marble. Three is the minimum, but you can use more if you like. For best results use a light base with dark glaze. Seetu Kholi, interior designer at Furncraft, details how marbling can be done: Step1: Make sure that your surface is in good condition. Patch holes and uneven surfaces. Then, for an even finish, apply the base paint with a roller.The base paint should be in satin or semi-gloss latex finish. Let it dry for 24 hours.
Step 2: Wet your sponge with the dark paint, and begin daubing it over the base coat. (This works best if your base coat is still a little wet). Rotate your sponge and vary both the amount of paint and the pressure to avoid repetitive patterns. Vary the colours by dipping your sponge in the medium and/or light colours, then back in the dark, and vice versa. This helps you create a mottled pattern.
Step 3: It's now time to do the veining. Pour some of the light colour (use fresh colour) in a small container.Dip your brush in the light colour. Study the mottled surface of the object you're marbling and decide in which direction the veining would logically go,then lightly draw the brush in a wavy line across, twirling it just a bit as you go to vary the width of the line, and tapering it off lightly at the end. Continue like this, varying the length, width and direction of your lines, and making appropriate forks and splits in the veining. Vary the colour of the veining by occasionally dipping the brush into the medium or dark paint and then into the light paint.
Step 4: Finish off with very light sponging on some of the light, dark and medium paints in random spots, barely touching the sponge to the surface, again rotating your sponge to vary the pattern.

Part Two:


Producing process of Vanity tops



首先是大切石料,目前大切的工具一般是金刚石圆盘锯机。目前我们大部分工厂圆盘刀片的规格?M?.8M?.6M?.5M?.2M?M?.8M?.6M?.4M?.2M?0CM?0CM。而刀片厚度一般有8MM~6MM,最深可切纵深约1.4M的荒料,石料厚度最薄可达约7MM?br /> The first step of producing is to cut the block into pieces of slabs.
Now the most used equipment is the diamond round circle saw.
The slab size is limited by the diameter of the round saw blade, normally the width of the slab would be no large than 1/3 of the diameter of one round saw blade.
And normal round saw blade diameter includes 3M?.8M?.6M?.5M?.2M?M?.8M?.6M?.4M?.2M?0CM?0CM. The thickness of one blade is 8mm~6mm. So the largest block one round saw can cut is1.4meter high, and the thinnest slab is 7mm

But, after cutting, more problems can be found like small vein or pore, such slabs may need to be re-treated like using glue to fix the blemish. Normally the glue will dry within half or one hour if the weather is good.

Based on different modes of stone processing, stone processing machinery can be divided into sawing machines, grinding machines, as well as parabolic shaped processing machinery.
Sawing Machine: Stone Processing Machinery types of sawing a lot of, but still frame saw and diamond saw disc-based.
框架锯主要由锯框,链杆,立柱框架,锯条等部件组?其工作原理为装在锯框上的锯条在连杆的带动下随着锯框作往往复运?同时通过升降传动机构连续向下作进给运?从而实现对石材的锯切加?最早的框架式锯机由于所使用的刀具是钢条和砂?故被称为钢砂?当今钢砂锯的发展趋势是自动化和大型化.比如,目前世界上最大的框架锯一次可生产120块板?锯条行程?0厘米.另外,锯机的锯切工艺参数可在一定范围内自动调节,连杆行程实现不停机自动补? 由于钢砂锯要消耗大量的钢砂和石?加工后所产生的大量废钢砂浆很难处?对环境污染严?而且噪音很大.因此,目前框架锯的发展动向是采用镶焊金刚石烧结块为刀头的锯条.是意大利首先推出了两种使用金刚石刀头锯条的大型框架锯机.一种可锯切的大理石荒料宽度?2?长度?.5?一次可锯切2厘米厚的板材90?另一种可锯切的大理石荒料宽度可达2.5?一次可锯切2厘米厚的板材100块?br /> Framework mainly by the saw frame saws, chain bar, column framework, saw blade and other components. Its working principles for the saws mounted on a frame on the saw blade, driven by the connecting rod with the saw frame for resumption of exercise often, at the same time through the movements transmission Continuous feed down for sport in order to achieve the sawing of stone processing. The first frame saw used in cutting tools because of steel and sand, it was known as the Steel Saw. today saw the development trend of Steel are automation and large-scale. For instance, the current framework of the world's largest saw a produce 120 plates, 80 centimeters for the saw blade stroke. In addition, the sawing machine process parameters at a certain range can be adjusted automatically link itinerary does not achieve Automatic compensation for downtime. because Saw Steel to spend a lot of the Steel and lime, processed scrap generated substantial mortar is difficult to handle, on the serious environmental pollution, but also a lot of noise. Therefore, the current framework of the development trend of saws are used Sintering solder block inlaid diamond saw blade for the Blade. are introduced two Italian first use of diamond saw blade segment saw large-scale framework. a sawing marble blocks width of 2 meters, 3.5 meters in length, one can Sawing 2 cm thick sheet of 90; another sawing marble blocks can be up to 2.5 meters width, a 2 cm thick can be sawing the plate 100.

复和板的切割:是从石材的中间切割开的,因为大理石的质地比较粉状,易碎,所以,切割方法有一些特别?br /> Rehabilitation and cutting boards: are from the stone cut into the middle, because the texture of marble powder comparison, fragile, therefore, there is some special cutting methods.

三?大磨?br /> Polishing

磨抛加工:石材的磨抛加工机械,按加工的自动化程度可分为单块作业的磨抛机和连续作业的磨抛?各种磨抛加工都采用了垂直轴恒压端面加?这是因为垂直轴加工时工具与工件之间为面接?加工面积?加工效率?目前以手扶式磨机及多头连续磨抛机运用最为广? 手扶式磨抛机是饰面石材的传统磨抛加工设备.其基本结构由主摇?副摇?主电?主轴和加压装?立柱,摇臂基座,升降电机及丝?扶手等组?再就是异型加工机械(这次没有看到,只是从工人口中听说)如下图?br /> Parabolic grinding machining: grinding stone throwing machines, according to the degree of automation for processing can be divided into a single block of grinding parabolic homework and homework for the grinding machine parabolic. Throw all kinds of grinding processing using a vertical axis constant face processing, this Since the vertical axis are processing tools and the workpiece surface contact between the processing area, processing and high efficiency. At present, in order to walk-behind and long continuous grinding mill machine behind the most widely. walk-behind machines are grinding parabolic Facing Stone behind the traditional mill processing equipment. its basic structure from the main arm, the Deputy rocker, the main motor, spindle and compression devices, column, rocker base, motor and screw off and landing, handrails and so on. Then special processing machinery (this time not seen, but heard from the mouths of workers) is as follows:

Edge cutting
就是按照客户要求的规格,将大磨好的板材切成各种外形的造型。Cut the shape and size of the tops.

切边有两种机械,一种是红外切,另一种是手动切。如下图?br /> One is anto machine, the other is:rough edge.

定厚?br /> Thickness control:
根据需要对板材厚度进行加工?br /> 并不是所有板材都需要定厚,一般板材规格厚度差距在允许公差范围之外才需要定厚?br /> Normally the thickness would be within requirement, if not, it has to be send to the machine of re-defining its thickness. But Some customer may have special request on the thickness of the products, tolerance within 0.05mm, then every piece may need to be passing this process.

Laminated edge, fixed on plastic well, they have about 20-30 minutes, such as glue completely dry you can unload a fixed folder. (Sheet if thickening want and need to be thickened after the processing of shape again.)

Edge cutting
就是按照客户的要求进行各种外形的造型的车边?br /> Cut the shape and size of the tops.

Laminated Full Bull Nose Edge

加工好的双层鸭嘴成品,如下图?br /> Double OG

Laminated Ogee Edge

加工好的加厚直边的成品。如下图?br /> LMEE: Laminated Eased & Polished Edge

Vanity tops

工人正在准备钻洗脸台上面的水龙头进出水的孔。如下图?br /> Cutting the sink cut out and faucet holes

六?质检?br /> Quality Control
测量同一批板材的花纹色调应基本调和。无明显缺陷,板材正面不许有缺棱掉角缺陷?为保证板材铺贴后接缝整齐,规格尺寸不能超过允许偏差、平整度允许极限公差、角度允许极限公差?br /> Quality Control:length measurement. The products within one project/order should be no big color difference, no big disfigurement were allowed, the top surface could not have the roughness, all tolerance should be within the standard.

工人正在对有问题的面板进行补胶。(注:补板材用的胶需和板材的颜色相近)Fixing the surface with glue


If the distance between the sink cut and the edge of the top is within 7~8cm, then steel rod to reinforce would be necessary. But to add the rod or not, would depends on customer’s request, that even if it’s bigger than that, the customer’s request would also be the first thing to obtain. If the customer’s want add sealer it is necessary to add.

洗脸台的质量要求?br /> The quality control standard of the vanity top
?)首先板面状态良好,具体根据客户要求而定。手感要好,不能有棱角,板面不能有明显缺角,破损,如不能有阴阳面、扫花、裂线、划痕、鸡爪纹、石胆、破洞等等。板面光泽符合要求,具体跟根据客户不同要求,如抛?0度?0度?00度等。如有不符合要求的,需要返工?br /> ?)The products within one project/order should be no big color difference, no big disfigurement were allowed, the top surface could not have the roughness, all tolerance should be within the standard.
According to different customers with specific requirements, such as polishing to 80 degrees, 90 degrees, 100 degrees and so on. If do not meet the requirements, the need for rework.

?)其次控制整批货的色差,板面厚度一样。同一批货最好都尽量用同一颜色货相近的石头,有较大的色差的石种,将不同的颜色分组编号,并分开装(如同一颜色的装在同一个木箱内)?br /> (2) followed by control of the entire batch of goods of the chromatic aberration, the same plate thickness. The same group of goods as much as possible the best goods with the same color is similar to the stones, there is a larger color stone species, different color sub-code, and installed separately

花岗岩只有部分有孔,暗裂和鸡爪纹等才要补胶,幻彩系列一般都需要补,是为了防止板材断裂。幻彩系列有时候为了防止断裂也会背网?br /> 大理石晾干之后,先挑比较差的那一面来背网,晒干后再翻到正面补,一般颜色越深越好处理。大理石一般都需要刮胶?/p>

Granite has only some holes, dark crack patterns, such as chicken feet and only have to pay glue, Symphony Series are generally required premium, in order to prevent the plates are broken. Symphony series in order to prevent the fracture will sometimes meshed.
Marble to dry after the first pick of the relatively poor side to the meshed, dried and then turn to a positive, the general color the harder the better deal. Marble is generally required plastic scraper.

七?入箱包装?br /> Common Packing: padded with foamed plastic and packed in wooden crates.

包装时钝面与钝面相对,在光面之间夹防划伤的软膜片?br /> 根据客户要求或石质对产品进行包膜,一般颜色较深石材为防止刮伤影响视观会进行包膜处?br /> The tops should be packed back side va back side and top vs top with a foam membrane to avoid scratching. The black or dark stone may need a piece of plastic membrane to cover its top to double ensure, but if customer requires, other stones would also be packed.

Tiles packaging,?clean, smooth surface sheet to check whether there is there is more obvious cracks. ?Will be required two tiles facing positive packaging, together with the middle layer of protective membrane.

③四周再用透明胶固定?br /> fixed around the re-use clear plastic.
④用小包装的纸箱装好?br /> with a small well-packed carton loaded.
⑤最后再装入大木箱中装定好?br /> then apparently managed to load into the large wooden box set well.

(Note: Tiles: the thickness of each plate are almost the same, a maximum deviation around at a few millimeters.)

My customer’s of our packaging requirements:

对海运的包装要求: 每片板材(石头)之间需要用气泡膜来夹在中间,对外包装的木板的厚度要2.5cm的厚?对于板材(石头))长度超过1.8米的长度,需要在外包装的木箱下加上一个底?以方便叉车搬?

关于vanity top 和陶瓷盆的包装问?
About vanity top and Undermount Bowl packing problem

General customer to do vanity top will be made out to our procurement undermount bowl, have three kinds of packaging. A, non-separate packaging, as the vanity top is packaged together. B, separate packaging a, vanity top a set of Units (including the back splash and side splash) packed in one carton, the undermount bowlfitted another one box. C, a separate packing b, vanity top a set of Units (including the back splash and side splash), undermount bowl packed in a carton in one. B and C is relatively higher prices.

Common and non-commonly used stones

在hotel中最常做的石头有很多,花岗石,大理石以及人造石都有人做洗脸台?br /> Popular color: G664, Ubatuba, Tropic Brown, , G682,Shanxi Black,Tiger Skin Yellow,(the Tiger skin yellow co lour is a little miscellaneous.)Big White Flower, Tan Brown, Black Galaxy, Blue Pear, Giallo Fiorito, Old Giallo Veneziano, China green , Leopard Skin , Multicolor Red, G603, G636, G617, G602, G664, G687, G635, G614, G681, G623, or ohter etc.

non-commonly used stones

?)、奥运白麻没有长料,做不?08*26*1 3/16
?)、G300?、本身料很少那么长的108*26*1 3/16?、石头杂质多不好做,3、做得人少只?5套找不到人做?

About cheap granite and marble:

The cheapest 10 kinds of granite: G603, G636, G617, G602, G664, G687, G635, G614, G681, G623.

便宜的大理石:黑白根,广西白,晚霞红,埃及米?br /> Cheap marble:Black-White Veins, Guangxi White, Afterglow Red, Egypt Geige.


中国绿: China Green (Jiang xi)

松香黄(Golden Honey Onyx)做切大板时切向问题?/b>
松香黄不能cross cut(横切),因为那样切就会碎掉。只能按vein cut (按纹路来切。我们可以直接告诉客户这种石头不适合横切,材质太脆,也把后果告诉他下,让客户更明白?

Common and non-commonly size

Vanity top common type::Straight Top, Bow Vanity Tops,Bajo Vaniyt Top.

Edge finishes: Edge & Polish Edge, Laminated Edge & Polish Edge, Full bullnose, Laminated bullnose, Ogee Edge, Laminated Ogee Edge,Miter Edge. Beveled Edge, Laminated Beveled Edge, Half Bull Nose, 1/4R Roubdered Edge or other.

Polish Degree: Minimum 90degrees.

?Vanity top common size:

•Single sink cut out series
31" x 22" x 3/4", 37" x 22" x 3/4", 43" x 22" x 3/4" ,49" x 22" x 3/4" , 25 x22 x3/4 or other.

•Double sink cut out series
61" x 22" x 3/4" ; 67" x 22" x 3/4" ; 73" x 22" x 3/4" ; or according to customers' requests.

?Shower Panels: 60"x30", 72"x30", 84"x30" or other

?Granite Tile: 12"x12"x3/8", 16"x16"x1/2", 18"x18x5/8", 24"x24"x3/4" or other
•Thickness: 1 1/4 ", 3/4. Or as per customers' requirements.

Non-commonly size
??" x 30" x 3/4" ;or according to customers'requests.

Part Three

Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink Vanity - Materials and Mounting Options for Bathroom Sink Vanities

A bathroom sink vanity can be a focal point and establish the style and decor of your bathroom. Bathroom sink vanities come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles and can look like pieces of art besides being functional. Colored bathroom sink vanities will cost more as will units that have delicate designs that are hand-painted.

A bathroom sink vanity can be made of the following materials:
?Vitreous China
?Stainless Steel
?Culture Stone or Faux Stone
?Solid-Surface Materials
?Enameled Cast Iron or Steel
?Fiberglass and Acrylic Sinks

A bathroom sink vanity made of porcelain or vitreous china finish will be heavy, durable, imprevious to water and mildew, but it can chip if you drop a heavy object on it. Stainless steel and metal bathroom sink vanities are durable and easy to clean, but they tend to become scratched with daily use and show spots obtained from hard water and soap. Fiberglass, acrylic sinks, culture stone or marble can all be molded into very beautiful shapes, colors and patterns, but they are more susceptible to scratches and chipping than other bathroom sink vanity types.

Sinks for a bathroom vanity cabinet can be mounted on the countertop in several ways:
1.Self-Rimming or Surface-Mounted Sinks - the sink bowl gets dropped into a hole, but the hole is slightly smaller than the outside rim of the sink, forming a seal with the countertop surface.
2.Rimmed Sinks - the sink is dropped into a hole in the countertop, and the rim joins the sink and the countertop, forming a seal with a metal strip.
3.Undermounted Sinks - the rim is attached to the bottom of the countertop creating a very clean look to the vanity.
4.Integral Sinks - one piece sink and countertop unit made from the same material. The only disadvantage to this style is that if any part gets damaged, the entire unit needs to be replaced. These sinks are usually made of stone, faux stone or solid surface-type material.

A bathroom sink vanity cabinet provides countertop space, a place for the sink and faucets and storage below -- these are called vanity-mounted sinks. You can also find pedestal sinks, wall hung sinks and freestanding sinks. Vanity mounted sinks are popular because they provide storage, a place for the sink and the most countertop space. Pedestal sinks use very little floor space, they can be placed in corners and they have a classic look, but they lack storage space. Wall hung sinks have the advantage of being easily installed at various elevations which accomodates children, short or tall adults.

Bathroom sink vanities provide a perfect place for shaving, washing, shampooing, brushing your teeth and personal grooming. Sizes of sinks vary from 12x20 inches to some that are as large as 33 inches in diameter, depending on the shape. If you and others in the household will be using the bathroom sink vanities considerably on a regular basis, consider the sizes and styles carefully before making your selection.

Whether upgrading an existing bathroom or planning a new one, the bathroom is a good home improvement investment. You and your family and guests will enjoy the bathrooms in your home every day. And should you ever sell your home, attractive and functional bathrooms will add value to the selling price. Before you buy, read as much as you can on choosing the bathroom sink vanity online or in stores that will be the best for you and your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Sinks
When shopping for a bathroom vanity sink, let both function and style be your guide. Bathroom vanity sinks must exist in unity with the cabinet and mirror. Ask yourself what this sink will have to endure and does it belong with in my bathroom design? Is it located in a place where there will there be lots of use, will there be a danger of scratching and chipping or is it located in a guest bathroom that rarely feels a splash of water? Stone is practically indestructible, in addition to some synthetics and metals like stainless steel. While porcelain can be easily chipped and scratched, it can also be more easily repaired and cleaned than metal or stone. Stone is a porous material and so can hold on to stains. Fiberglass is inexpensive but will sometimes dull with wear.

From the revival lavatory basin to green basin of tempered glass your choice of sinks is almost unlimited. Some bathroom vanity sinks will include faucets and drain assembly, releasing you from the task of matching fixtures with basins. Other basic options include under the counter construction or over the counter with lip, square, round, or oval sink counter console. There is also a growing popularity for basins that sit like a bowl on the counter, commonly called the "vessel sink".

A wide variety of hand made sinks are now available that are both exquisitely beautiful and expensive. If price is a consideration you might want to look for clearance sales that include fixtures and drain assemblies. If you like to do it yourself, you can purchase an antique or used sink that will match your other bathroom furniture. Consider that the sink or the basin have been around since ancient times. You can pick and sort through a host of materials, styles, designs and concepts from various periods of history, each with its unique and specific aesthetic appeal.

Part Four

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vanity Top and Floors

Marble is a stone, of course, but not nearly as hard as granite. Marble will wear well and last forever, however cleaning marble and maintaining it in top condition is definitely a different game than granite.
A common myth is that marble is really porous, stains easy and must be sealed. While in general that is not bad advice, it is not true in many cases and can be dead wrong. When appropriate and found to be porous by testing then sealing will greatly reduce the chance of staining.
Etching is a different matter. Marble is sensitive to acidic substances (juice, wine, coffee) so it can "etch" (dull the polish) rather easily . . . even when sealed. Sealing has nothing to do with etching.
Etching can often be repaired, but the acid sensitivity is a factor you need to consider when purchasing and installing marble.

Vanity Tops

Just as with kitchen countertops, vanity tops should be cleaned and cared for only with cleaners that are safe for granite or marble. If the label doesn’t say it is recommended for granite or marble, don’t use it. Here’s an important tip, whenever you are cleaning the mirror over your vanity top use precaution. Over-spray or spills could occur when using a regular glass cleaner, so make sure to protect your stone by using only a cleaner that is safe for the stone.
Here are a few important things to be aware of around your granite or marble vanity top. Don’t use any cream or powder cleanser. Don’t do your nails on your vanity top. Also, don’t perm or color your hair around your vanity top. Protecting your vanity top in this manner will ensure you years of enjoyment. Remember to keep any item perfume, after shave, toothpaste, etc. in a tray or other container to prevent spills on your vanity top.


Of course you want to keep your granite floors nice and glossy. Just as with other areas made from marble and granite, you must only use products that are made for natural stone. Using the proper buckets and mops is also crucial to the successful cleaning of natural stone floors.
All too often people will attempt to clean their stone floor with a tiny mop bucket and a sponge mop. Wrong tools! Using a cotton loop mop and at least a four gallon bucket works best. You don’t want to simply be spreading dirty water over the floor instead of cleaning it.
For a newly installed stone floor it is highly recommended that you have a professional deep-clean the floor to remove all possible grout, adhesive, and film left by the installers. It is a good idea not to mop your floor until this has been done. If you decide not to have this detailing done, make sure not to mop until all the dusty powder from the installation is gone. You’ll know you floor can be mopped when you rub your finger on the floor and your hand remains clean.

If your floor is in a high traffic area you may want to consider using a high-quality floor mat to help protect the gloss of your new stone floor. Using a polish preserver that is made for marble and granite will also help to maintain the “new look?of your floor.
Properly maintaining and using only products made specifically for natural stone will ensure your finish remains glossy for years to come.

Part Five:





备注: PS

1. 中文清单上应备注客人在Documents方面的要? B/L, Invoice, Packing List,有的客人还需要产地证?薰蒸证书?这些都需要在清单下面特别注明;
2. PI : 在Messers这一栏旁设置批注,注明单据地址,寄单地址及送货地址.如果客人没有要求做PI,则在RFQ上另外附上这些说?








寄单一般是BL,ORIGINAL,INVOICE,PACKING LIST,如果是做CIF及以上的such as :DDP?,就会有一份保险,当然如果客人要买保险的话也会有,还有他可能要求我们做份quality certificate之类的,这可以叫客人发份模板过来,我们根据他的要求做给客户?
1--DOCUMENTS 上的地址,这个是决定客人用哪个公司去清关,就跟我们用哪个公司去报关一样。这个要体现所有的单据上,美国客户的话对提单的时候还有个AMS上的收货人,都是这个地址?

总结?/b>首先是要跟客人确认单证地址和寄单地址,如果有做到门服务,还需跟客人确认送货地址;以及客人的TEL和FAX以及Postal code(尽量详细)? 其次,Documents一般是B/L,Original,Invoice,Packing List; 如果是做CIF及以上的such as :DDP?就会有一份保? Quality certificate(客人要求);以及普汇制产地证(加拿大);还可能有熏蒸证书(有的国家要求进口商必须提交熏蒸证书以清关)。在现在客户当中,应该只有ROCK(加拿大)有要求.一般来说,正规的薰蒸是由商检出证的。但是我们国家跟大部分国家都有友好协商,只需要认木箱上面的IPPC标识,所以现在商检局都不出薰蒸证书,只让报检贴标薰蒸。厦门的商检局除了报检澳大利亚会给出薰蒸证书,或者是走LC的,LC里面有条款要提供薰蒸证书;否则,均只需帖标薰蒸?/p>

Part Six:



1? 关于走散货:
我们可以这样告诉客户:我们可以做LOOSE CONTAINER,但是船公司有规定,超过5吨就不接散货,必须按整柜走。(现在有些船公司可以接散货接到8吨左右,但必须提前预定,但是原则上如果太重,我们不建议客人走散货,特别有大于2米长的箱子的时候)2。走散货的各种拆箱费,运费,报关费并不便宜。让客人告知我们详细地址,以便我们报价的时候给她一个费用列表参考。所以,我们可以建议客户至少走一个柜,这样可以为他省些钱?


3,货不走海运也不走空运事,要走火车的情况?br> 要一些内陆国家,一般没港口,也没就近港口,那就要走火车,遇到这种情况时,我们就要问清楚客户所在城市火车站?位数代码,而且走火车时有规定,要走偶数不能走奇数,因为一列货车厢能装2个柜?

首先要知道客户所在城市港口对货物的限制,然后根据货物单个的重量算出整个柜。比如说一个客户要装台面板和背挡,他港口的重量限制?8?TONS,尺?08*26*1 3/16,背挡尺寸为108*6*1 3/16。按这样的尺寸,标准柜可以分2?列装,这样算起来每一套的重量大概180KG,每一个木箱内?6套,总重量大?000KG(加木箱的重量),那这样我们一个柜能装6个箱。另一种装法是一木箱内装12套,总重量大概是2300KG,这样能?箱。在告诉客人重量的时候,写要换算成英镑lbs?

5.关于生产时?:About production time:
洗脸台的生产时间一般是3-4 containers in 5-6 weeks.
Three-four containers vanity top of producing time is about five-sixweeks.

Part Seven:

Case analyse





We quote you FOB XiaMen price, the freight is listed separately. The CIF price for a whole container.USD3520+USD25/20GP,GREEN BAY MSC, weight limit:17.2ton, total days for shipping: 32days.
As the goods your requied is less than a full container.
Please confirm how you want the goods to be shipped.
Please price freight delivered to Stevens Point, WI, USA however you feel is the best way to get here on time and be cost effective.
Full container would be more expensive. We suggest you to choose bulk cargo as the shipping compnay would take the bulk around 4 ton, if more than that it would be hard to order a space. We have to prearrange two weeks before, the ship is on Sunday, about 26 day.
I estimated that the freight would be $2000.00(from the net weight we have now). It contains the fee on water and land as the port is 116 miles from MILWAUKEE,WI.
sunny 说: K的,,走整柜?520?2天,,走散货因为不清楚货物具体有多少立方.我们?立方来算?680,偶是报2000的,只要26?
sunny 说: 因为走整柜和散货的路线不一?
sunny 说: 所以比散货时间走的更加?
sunny 说: 因为最早是直接给他报整柜的价钱,他就说价钱很高,问有没有便宜的,偶才又报了走散货的价钱
cathy说: ====
sunny 说: 没有..给他报运费的时候,就已经有45个盆??0号的才又加了10个的
cathy说: 好的
cathy说: 那就先这样子把,?号的船给?
sunny 说: 好的.. 

Hi K, 
We have got your deposit $5000.
I have notice the factory to begin producing.
It is expected to deliver on 26days for shipment. arrived around Feb.3,2008.
Suggest you to go by full container, as the bulk bargo charges on the expensive way no matter the weight and size. and The tub surrounds are so big that is easy to break.
There's another way to go by full container: to go to LA and then go by train, about 26 days and $3300.

We are now waiting for the forwarder's confirmation.If go by bulk , waht if the port in the middle do not have fork lift for unloading? Therefore, I suggest you to go by full container to lower down the risk of breakage.

Hi S,
Im afraid I do not understand what you are trying to say here. You gave me a price of $2000.00US for freight to Milwaukee. Why now is it $3300.00US? If we go by Copntainer to LA and then Train will it add another 26 days?
Please advise.

cathy说: 你这个信就分3个给他讲?--是LCL,26days 2--Full container, all water to Miami, 天数3--Full container LA and then Train,total 26days
cathy说: 运费分别也讲
cathy说: 就象你在给***(这三个*是代表偶的另一个客人,就不方便说了)列那个钱的明细,那样会清楚?
sunny 说: Sorry I didn't make myself clear.
The price of $2000.00US for freight to Milwaukee is the price of bulk cargo.But the tub surround is too big to break.
We have inquired the forwarder for a whole container, from XMN to LA and then by train($3300.00US) total 22 days for shipping.
It is more safe than go by bulk.
That's why I suggest you to go by a full container.
But if you insist, it could go bulk still.
sunny 说: 噢,,偶还想说¶是这样写的,,没事,,偶再改一?
cathy说: 如果分点的话,就可以把每个点的不利的地方分析给他听,比如1,是容易?,是贵又天数?,虽然归了点,但是安全,且天数也少,强力推荐(跑题一下,一看到强力推荐?个大字,偶脑子里就想起电视购物中经常会说我们强力推荐你买....?
cathy李碧?说: 整柜从LA转才22天吗
sunny 说: 啊,,对不起,,?6天,?
sunny 说: 好的,,明白
cathy说: 你这封信先不发出去,今天货代会再给我们更确切的消?
sunny 说: 好,,偶再改一下,?
cathy 说: 货代是有工具可以卸我们的货,可是他也不敢保证会不会有问题
cathy 说: 你先写吧 :)
sunny 说: 写好了  (注--不是全信?
Sorry I didn't make myself clear.

We have quote you three kinds of shipping way and freight:

1,The price of $2000.00US for freight to Milwaukee is the price of bulk cargo.,total 26 days for shipping.
2,The CIF price for a whole container.USD3520+USD25/20GP,GREEN BAY MSC, weight limit:17.2ton, total days for shipping: 32days.
3,Full container from XMN to LA and then by train($3300.00US) total 26 days for shipping.

1,Thought the first price is more attractive, the risk lies in the breakage. The tub surrounds are so big that is easy to break . What's more, go by bulk,though the forwarder says he has the fork lift , but he said he could not ensure that there would be no breakage. That's the reason we are worrying about.
2,The second price is expensive and takes a long time
3,Although the third way is more expensive, but it's more safe and sooner.
That's why I suggest you to go by a full container. (the third way) It is more safe than go by bulk.
But if you insist, it could go bulk still.(the firstway)
cathy说: 呵呵,不过那个运费还有点问题,等等哦
sunny 说: 好,?
sunny 说: 啊,,USD3610/20GPMSC 26DAYS 17.2TON..这个价钱比走ALL WATER更加高的?


Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Pls forget about the last letter

We have quote you two kinds of shipping way and freight:

1,The price of $2000.00US for freight to Milwaukee is the price of bulk cargo.,total 26 days for shipping.
2,The CIF price for a whole container.USD3520+USD25/20GP,GREEN BAY MSC, weight limit:17.2ton, total days for shipping: 32days.

1,Thought the first price is more attractive, the risk lies in the breakage. The tub surrounds are so big that is easy to break when unloading.What's more, go by bulk,though the forwarder says he has the fork lift , but he said he could not ensure that there would be no breakage. That's the reason we are worrying about.
2,The second price is too expensive and takes a long time,but it's more safe.

That's why I suggest you to go by a full container. (the second way) It is more safe than go by bulk.
We know that the price differs a lot, hard to accept.
But if you insist, it could go bulk still.(the first way) we would buy insurance for you immediately. once you got the goods and found there's any brokage, pls contact the insurance company immediately and take photoes and send to us.


If there were damage would the insurance cover replacement materials and delivery?
When we buy the insurance, we cover the cost of the goods together with the freight, there are a rule for them there are 1%~3% free of compensation. For example, if there is 100pieces, if the breakage is 1~3pcs, they would not pay for that. They only pay for the part which is out of the 3%, which means in the case of 100pieces you would get the compensation for 2pcs if there is 5 pieces broken.
The insurance company would send an agent to the field to take photos and appraisal, then their company could decide how much they would pay.
P.S. The minute you found there is breakage, pls contact the shipping forwarder immediately.







I hope you are doing well. I have noticed that there are mistakes and poor quality items in my orders.

For example:
Quality Hotel: 1)Rm # 309 the sink is on the wrong side for the wet bar,
2)Rm# 710, the vanity was approximately 4 inches short,
3)Public Bathroom for women, The 8 inch hole was on the wrong side
6)Antique Brown Kitchen, sink piece was the wrong size, too small
5) poor quality sealer
6) granite pieces chipping and brittle

Ware House: 1) Dark Emprador Marble Vanity was cracked, then fixed at your factory and shipped to me

2) Dark Emprador Marble Sink was cracked, then fixed at your factory and shipped to me
3) poor quality sealer
5)granite pieces chipping and brittle

Please advise what you will be doing to ensure that this does not happen anymore. These mistakes are very costly for me, because I have to buy material locally and also fabricate locally.
Cathy 说: 1。防水问题,你就实话说,正常情况下我们的价格是按一遍防水来报的,客人基本也都觉得一遍防水就OK了,客人如果觉得效果不太好,他可以在我们报价的时候要求做2遍或?遍防水。当然价格也就不一样了
Cathy 说: 2。关于Emprador?如果他有接触过MARBLE他就会知道,大部分都是需要REPARIED,因为大理石非常的脆,在生产的过程中都会破的,特别象Emprador,珊瑚红,紫罗红?
Cathy 说: 等这次客人的投诉最后确认是哪方的错后,记得整里记录,把这个记下来,我在跟南安的同事沟通的时候比较有说服?
sunny 说: 好的_
Cathy 说: 其他的如果我们的图没有问题的话,你让客人发图片过来,如果是尺寸错了,让他把卷尺放在石头旁,拍个图片给我们证明我们确实做错了。?


Quality Hotel:

1)Rm # 309 the sink is on the wrong side for the wet bar,

That is the reason why we emphasize time and time again please check for all the details when place the order, we have no info origin but you, we just could make the products out of your data and the shop drawing, we didn't know where to open a sink unless you have told us. So every step we need your cinfirmation.

1. I've checked the shop drawing you signed (PDF-1) and the one we use to fabricate(PDF-2). All the sink of the bar top are to the right. I've asked the quality control department, they didn't find any difference between the shop drawing and the products.That means all that we done is right with the signed shop drawing.

Please take photoes of the RM#309 and send us letting us know where is the problem.

2)Rm# 710, the vanity was approximately 4 inches short,

I didn't find a #710 in the RFQ list. If it is wrong , please take a photo with a rule tape beside the top to show us the mistake.

3)Public Bathroom for women, The 8 inch hole was on the wrong side

We have not made women Public Bathroom's,there is no holes in the Public Bathroom's Apron in our quote and drawing.

6)Antique Brown Kitchen, sink piece was the wrong size, too small

There is no Antique Brown is the order of Quality Hotel, all Giallo Ornamental.

5) poor quality sealer
Please send us your test picture.

1. the sealer?normally we just seal once and most of our customer accept that, when they need to double or triple the sealer,they would told us when they are enquiry to get the certainer exact price for that.

2. the Emprador, you should have known if you have experience in deal with marble, marble is very fragile, most of them needs to be repaired as it would break in the process of producing, esp the Emprador,Coral Red..


Hello Sunny,

Thank you for your response. You are absolutely right about checking the details. ^ bar tops were made correct, the sink was on the right side. But for room # 309, for some reason, the sink was on the left. So in this case I_$B!G_(Jm 100% positive that the product was not made to my details nor the signed shop drawings.

I will take pictures and email them to you as soon as I have a chance.

I hope you understand my position, please realize that I am telling you for your benefit.

The antique Brown kitchen was in the warehouse order not the quality order, but they were shipped together.

I understand, That I don_$B!G_(Jt have much experience. But I do know that If I order a marble vanity it should not be cracked. If this is the case then you should tell me before and ask me if it is okay.

I will give full details of my issues. I hope you can understand that I am going through the effort of informing you, so that you can improve your quality and service to your customers. If you feel that is not necessary. Then I will not waste my time or yours.


和cathy商量后, cathy决定先给客人写一封信,晚些偶再回?.(注--不是全信?

It is Cathy here, I am very regretful to hear that the bad news about the quality.

I absolutely believe you were not telling a story and just let us know what problem you met there in order to help us improving our quality as well service.

Sunny is a hard-working girl, she cares a lot for the orders from you.
Yesterday, she checked all the drawing you faxed to her with signature and the drawing she released for fabrication, but could not find any difference.
If it was our workers' fault, we should show some pictures to verify what I said, otherwise nobody will listen to me. As you may know we have one team to inspect the products, we have to follow the rule between Sales department and Inspection department about complaints.
Pls believe, all of us are concerned about this issue,………………?.

Firstly, I will have Sunny pick out the drawing for these items, then you can double check again whether they are the same with what you record as the latest ones.
I worried a lot if what we hold are not same with yours.
Secondly, Pls send the photos to us so that we can show them to our inspection department.
Thirdly, crack and repair are the nature characteristic for marble.
To be honest, we think it is a common sense and do not need to tell any of our customers before order. If it is only for some special colors, I would have Sunny inform you beforehand. In other words, if you choose marble then you have to accept all the nature characteristic of them as well.

My friend, I know you were quite frustrated about this order, I can understand nobody could be in good mood when meeting problem like this.
But I still greedily hope to see the boy always smile coming back!
Pls believe, Apexstone cherish all the business with you and have the positive attitude to face the problem NOT escape from it.


客人半个小时内就用Black berry回了信?

“Dont worry Cathy. I am always smiling. Please tell Sunny not to take it personally.
I will show you the pictures and sent you my drawings.

Thank you for your kind email.



Sorry for this kind of things.

1.PDF-1--the drawing you signed for production.
2.PDF-2--the drawing you signed for the sink cut out.
3.PDF-3--the drawing we use to make tops.
4.PDF-sink-1--the one need to confirm on 10/26/07.
5.PDF-the sink-2 is the one which is confirmed by you on 10/29/07.
please check whether you have the same with us.

6.About the Antique Brown Kitchen, sink piece was the wrong size, too small.
The sink cut out is meant to be small than the actual sink as it is the undermount sink. and the order you did before are all the same, the cut out is smaller than the sink so that the edge of the sink is not visible.

As we all use the same sink cut out drawing, if the sink is too small for Antique Brown Kitchen, then how about the KTI-NO-4. Do they small too?

And i am waiting for you pictures.Thank you very much!





主题:Cleanser & Sealer


Please see request below from my Sales Rep can you help him out?
----- Original Message -----
i need for one of our customers the following 3 things:

they want to know what kind of cleaners to use to clean the real chinese granite vanity tops.
they want to know how to seal the tops.
the want to know what do you use to seal the tops.

please forward this info back to me as soon as you can please.


[9:12:44] sunny 说: i need for one of our customers the following 3 things:
they want to know what kind of cleaners to use to clean the real chinese granite vanity tops.
they want to know how to seal the tops.
the want to know what do you use to seal the tops. --这个?**的销售再问的?br> [9:13:13] sunny 说: how to seal--我想我们可以这样?-就是只有说我们会做好按平方数算,但是如果他要买防水剂过去自己做也是可以的,我们有客人那么买,就是刷上去然后晒干呗?br> [9:13:15] sunny 说: 什么防水剂,我就不知道了,
[9:22:58] Cathy 说: 1。they want to know what kind of cleaners to use to clean the real chinese granite vanity tops. ---这个要问一下Dalee那里,我也不知道呢,2。they want to know how to seal the tops.the want to know what do you use to seal the tops. --这个就是用美国思康的SICONG,刷上去晾干没有错拉。但是刷之前要先把板搽干净了,晾干后再上防水剂。但是是把防水剂装在小个的喷水箱里喷
[9:24:22] Sophie 说: 哦,是喷的呀
[9:25:12] sunny 说: 我也一直以为是刷上去的
[9:39:18] sunny 说: 1。they want to know what kind of cleaners to use to clean the real chinese granite vanity tops. ---这个要问一下Dalee那里,我也不知道呢,---、啊,这个清洁剂还有特别清洗的吗?,不是用洗洁精就可以吗?还是说有特别的清洁剂来清洗特别的脏东西东西?--------会不会用什么上去就会让板材看上去会发光一样,就像我家里就会用,让厨房的那个台面板会好看,就会用那个碧力珠。让那个石头看起来会光光的。?br> [10:09:47] Cathy 说: 清洁石头板面的茶渍,咖啡,水果渍之类的,需要特别的产品?br> [10:13:23] sunny 说: 明白了。?br> [10:14:07] Cathy 说: 其实我也是蛮猜拉,也不敢肯定客人是不是这个意?br> [10:15:47] sunny 说: 好的,我和Ellen说了。等我理清楚了,我把它放到今天的日志上去?br>

[10:13:17] sunny 说:Ellen?**的想知道==they want to know what kind of cleaners to use to clean the real chinese granite vanity tops----我们有哪几种清洁剂来清洁石头?--清洁石头板面的像茶渍,咖啡,水果渍之类的?br> [10:32:36] Ellen 说: ok
[11:40:30] Ellen 说: Sunny,一会儿你有空的话过来一下,说一?**的那个问题,

[16:43:11] sunny 说:Ellen,请问一下,今天***的报价。能出来的不?还?**的那个清洁剂的照片,也能有不,要是照片出不来,我就先回信,和她说一下,照片改天给她
[16:47:43] Ellen 说: ==
[16:49:16] sunny 说: (nod)
[16:56:24] Ellen 说: Sunny?**的今天出不来,清洁剂等一?br> [16:56:31] sunny 说: 好的
[17:09:12] Ellen 说: Sunny,去污剂也还没有搞定,得明天早上
[17:09:59] sunny 说: O。。好的,那我先回信,照片明天?/p>


经过我,Ellen,cathy,讨论过之后,我总结一下:清洁?--我们是有用清洁剂去清除石头上面的污渍,但是我们除了这种特别的清洁剂来清除污渍,工厂还会用一种天奈水(不确定这两个字是不是这样写?石灰粉来清除,这两种成本都不高。一般常见的茶渍,咖啡,水果渍等等,都可以清除干净,但是这个也取决于污渍进入石头有多久有多深,如果时间比较久, 乌渍进入石头比较深的话,这样也有可能清除的不是很干净?---照片DALEE还没有拍过来,等到明天收到照片再放上来给大家看?


Hi ****,

Our factory use cleanser to clean the granite vanity tops, to wipe off stains such as coffee, tea or fruit juice. But the timing is also effect how deep the stain goes into the stone. If the granite were contaminative for very long time and the stains goes in too deep, the cleanser may not be able to wipe up very well.
We are using the SICONG® sealer of the U.S.A. Just clean the granite before using the sealer , and then spray the sealer onto the surface of the top, then wait till the sealer dries




有一个正在做的单子,工厂在做好一些的情况下发现忘记做了防水,因为这位客户之前做的都是台机板居多,做台面板我们都会做防水,这次是第一次做TILES,而且我们在最开始报价的时候也没有报防水的价钱,所以工厂也就没有做了,现在问题是做了那一些已经包好了,DaLee建意如果要做防方,那已经包好的那些就不做防水了,余下的那些再做防水?br> 以下是相关聊天记录:(注:客户用***代表了)


Ellen 说: Sunny,有个问题,DaLee电话在问***-44的tiles要不要做防水,之?**都是都台面板的,都有做防水,这次第一次做tiles,他询价的那个word上没提防水我们也就没报了。现在生产了200多m2已经包装好了,大李想到这个防水问题,问说需不需要再跟客户确认一下?br> Cathy 说: SUNNY,那你问一下客人,就建议如果要也是剩下没包的做,已经包了就没办法了
Ellen 说: 假设要做的话,已经包好的?00多m2,可不可以就不要做防水了,不然拆拆包包麻烦,破损率又?br> Cathy 说: ?br> sunny 说: 那剩下的要做防水,需要加钱吗?br> sunny 说: 如果要加钱,是多少钱
Cathy 说: 当然要了,防水一平方现在是收多少,Ellen?br> Ellen 说: 整个单子1440m2=15500sf,具体包的大约按200m2算,剩下没包的约1240m2=13350sf,所以剩下防水钱?1335
Ellen 说: 这些面积含了线条

I would like to ask whether you need to do sealer to the order ***-NO-44(PO#3001)-1000 EI Camino-Tiles?

Because we have already finished more than 200m2 and already packed. If unpack and doing sealer to them, it would be very easy to break. So we do not suggest to do sealer to the 200m2 finished parts.

By the way, the total order is the 1440m2 = 15500sf, we have packed about 200m2 , the rest about 1240m2 = 13350sf, so fee for doing sealer for the remaining 13350sf would be $ 1335 (including the area of molding )

4、背景: 第二天:
[8:37:11] sunny 说:Ellen,,***的回信Please seal the countertops. I will seal the tile after install
[8:38:31] Ellen 说: ok




主题上:Monument Sign engraving



Here are four drawings of options for this sign. They are going to choose one. Please price all four options three ways.
1. Complete product with engraving
2. Product without engraving
3. Polished blocks

I will need pricing in two thickness??8?and 14?please.

Price delivered to Green Bay, WI 54304 please. You can find the logo attached also.

There will be engraving that reads “Welcome to the Land of the Menominee?on one side of the sign and “Thank you for Visiting the Land of the Menominee?on the other side. Also, the LOGO will appear on both sides.

客人给我的是CAD的图,我将图重新编辑了一下,(红色方框里面都是我后来补充进去的内容)这样比较方便报价部门去询价?/p> 图一?br>






[9:45:30] sunny 说:Ellen,我用PDF的编辑好了,那个LOGO的图,我先前就有发给你了?br> [9:46:59] sunny 说: 这个报CIF的价钱,运费我已经去问了,等问到你就发给?br> [9:47:08] Ellen 说: ?br> [9:56:15] Ellen 说: Sunny,你过来一?br> [10:04:20] sunny 说:Ellen。请复盖一?br> [10:09:59] Ellen 说: Sunny,你现在列一个list给我,相当于我们要给客户?2种价?br> [10:10:44] sunny 说: 好的


经过报价部门反馈回来的信息,客户要的尺寸太大了,工厂做不了,如果要做,尺寸不能超?700mm X 1500mm,因此,我写信建意客户可不可以重新设计,更改一下尺寸?br> 附上我给客户的信(注?---不是完整的信?br> About the inquiry the project--Menominee Nation Monument Sign, the size is too big we can't produce. The biggest size should be within 106.3" X 59.05". Is it possible to change your size?

接下?br> 2008-12-29-Sunny
1、背景:继续12?9号说到的有客人询价关于纪念碑的问题:经过报价部门反馈回来的信息,客户要的尺寸太大了,工厂做不了,如果要做,尺寸不能超?700mm X 1500mm,因此,我写信建意客户可不可以重新设计,更改一下尺寸?br> 附上我给客户的信(注?---不是完整的信?br> About the inquiry the project--Menominee Nation Monument Sign, the size is too big we can't produce. The biggest size should be within 106.3" X 59.05". Is it possible to change your size?
客户回信:(注:--不是完整的信?br> My customer says you can make it in 2 pieces with a horizontal seam below the logo that would be drilled for dowels. Please price this way and send drawings of seam placement for all options.


2,聊天记?br> [9:17:41] sunny 说:Ellen?**,关于那个做雕刻的他回信----

My customer says you can make it in 2 pieces with a horizontal seam below the logo that would be drilled for dowels. Please price this way and send drawings of seam placement for all options.
----就是不用一块整的,可以在logo下面横的切开,就是做2片拼起来,然后用暗销固定(我觉得这个如果我们做不了的话就是直接跟他说粘起来吧?br> [9:25:35] Ellen 说: 你在图纸上标注一下分片的位置再发给我询价
[9:25:49] sunny 说: 好的
[9:33:03] Ellen 说: Sunny看不太懂
[9:33:36] Ellen 说: 这个你可能得跟吴总讨论一下怎么?br> [9:34:08] Ellen 说: 我看了一下你只是把logo和那个支架分别做一?br> [9:34:18] Ellen 说: 这样根本没有降低尺寸
[9:40:39] sunny 说: 他就是不想降低尺寸。所以才说可不可分成两片来做
[9:55:10] Ellen 说: Sunny,你要把尺寸一起标出来
[9:55:22] Ellen 说: 分完后,两片的尺寸分别由多少?br> [9:58:22] sunny 说: 诶,客人没有说的呢。。要不我在问一下尺寸好?br> [9:58:50] Sophie 说: 我觉得你不要问,按我们尺寸大小画过去给他说我们这样切可以?br> [9:58:53] Ellen 说: 你分完之后不能大体估计一下吗
[9:59:25] Ellen 说: 你分完后,估计一下多少,然后给dalee确认看能不能做,再给客户反馈
[10:00:29] sunny 说: 除了了第一个那个LOGO的尺寸我们不知道,后面三个是知道?br> [10:01:06] Ellen 说: 算了,我还是先发给大李看看吧
[10:01:16] sunny 说: 好的






3,回信:(注?-不是完整的信?br> Hi *****,

Merry Christmas.....

Attachment is our the RFQ for the project --Menominee Nation Monument Sign.

The freight pls see RFQ.

Shipping plan:
ETD XMN: Per Fri
T/T: 29days
Weight limit :17.3Ton.
Effective to Dec 31 2008.

By the way, every month the shipping company could adjust their price. The freight is valid to Dec 31 2008. And next month it would be adjusted and different.

?/strong> ニューバラン?/strong>