Stone Tile

1. The application of Granite Tiles P1
2. Size P2
3. Finish method, color P2~3
4. Packing P3
5. Quality Control etc P4
6. The processing of granite tiles P4~8
7. Maintenance: P8~9
8. Popular Colors P9
9. FAQ in the commerce P9~10

1. The application of Granite Tiles

For a multitude of reasons, granite tiles are topping the rank of the favorite building materials used in residential, industrial, and commercial building constructions. The rocks' appearances are naturally unique thanks to the crystalline image that is innate in it. Granite is basically a natural stone reputed for its being the hardest as well as the densest.

1) Resistant to corrosion, scratches and heat
2) Can be used in very high traffic areas
3) Not affected by freeze-thaw cycles in outdoor applications
4) Provides a natural acoustical barrier
5) Granite is an all natural material and each piece is unique
6) More durable than virtually any synthetic flooring surface
7) Will not fade
8) Easy cleaning and maintenance

The granite tile have multiple applications areas that include laying floor, and making fireplaces, counter tops and steps. The tiles are engraved in the walls of kitchen and bathroom, floor and the counter tops. The granite tiles are also emerging as the popular medium used in the pillars. Using the tile in varying combinations, colors and patterns imparts an altogether a different look along with aesthetic beauty.


1 )耐腐蚀,划痕和耐热
2 )普遍适用于人流量大的地方
3 )不受户外冷热交替天气的影响
4 )声音的天然屏障
5 )花岗岩是一种天然物质和每一片都是独一无二
6 )比任何合成地板更持?
7 )不褪色
8 )易清洁和维?


2. Size

Granite flooring tile, wall cladding tiles in standard size:
12"*12",?05*305mm?br> 16"*16",?06*406mm?br> 18"*18",?57*457mm?br> 12"*24",?05*610mm?br> 24"*24",?10*610mm)etc
Thickness: 3/16"~5mm, 5/16"~8mm, 3/8"~10mm, 3/4"~20mm……According to the consumer’s various needs.

Step 120X33X30mm
Riser: 120X15X20mm
Skirting: 600X100mm
Border: 600X200mm
step treads?X5mm, 10X6mm, 20X2mm etc?/p>


Plain sheet: Refer to the regular tile
Cells: 15*15*7 mm (请注意一般石材的厚度?MM,粘上脱水及网布后的厚度?CM?br> Surface Finish: Antique & polished
Style: square cell in 30X30mm

3. Finish method, color

Polished & honed: In general, the two finish methods are the most popular choices for granite tile. They can be used in almost all wall covering and any tile flooring applications that do not require slippery proof.

Natural slit: provide maximum slippery proof. The best for paving outdoor high traffic areas like driveway, sidewalks, public squares and shopping center entrances.

Other finishes: are applicable in wherever designers consider appropriate for granite tile. Typically the flamed finish tends to darken original color of the granite and could impose certain reddish color tones as a result.

Note: There is a minimum thickness requirement for hammered, picked, sandblasted and chiseled finishes, which sets at 3/4 inches or 2 centimeters.

Top-selling: G603(gray), G682(yellow), G654(dark gray), G636(pink), Shanxi Black(black), etc.


* 此处请注意,薄板的加工有些客户需要轻微倒角,再磨边,有一些客户不需要。在客户没有确认的情况下,我们不能轻易地判定是否需要给客户倒角,因为这样会在地板上板与板之间留下一条明显的缝隙。有些客户不喜欢?/p>

不需要倒角:squared off, with no chamfered edging.
倒角的描述:chamfered, calibrated

4. Packing

Styrofoam box/ Foam box/ Paper Carton/Wooden Crates/Plastic Strap

包装运输?/b> 薄板的尺寸比较统一,一盒装五片至十片左右。包装外层覆塑料薄膜,最后装在泡沫盒子、纸箱里面并粘胶带固定。在装车运输的时候分批地放在木架木箱里面。每木箱装运的重量从1~1.5吨不等?/font>

Standard Polythene-Box Packing (thickness: 1cm or 3/8’?

MetricSizeImperial SizePcs/boxBoxes/crateM2/crateSft/crate

Note: When meet some stone which has color difference in one block, we should pack the similar color vein tiles within one box. When the customer requires, it’s necessary to mark numbers outside the box for installing.

5. Quality Control

Standard color and grain pattern matching for various granite colors
?Uniform thickness of tiles
?Good high gloss
?No wheel marks, scratches or fissures due peeling off of mica or quartz
?Unwanted Veins, Bands, patches, etc
?Polished degree: Above 85 degree
?Thickness Tolerance: The thickness of granite tiles will have a tolerance of +/-0.3mm; the polished face will be level.
?Crack, Edge Defect, Corner Defect, double color, pigment: Not allowed for slabs and tiles.
?Edge should be chamfered & beveled.


因为1.9 cm?/4英寸是市场板,换算成英制的厚度即?.8?.9 cm,因此这些尺寸最为常见。我们列清单时用的是1.7cm, 1.8 cm?.9 cm。具体详细的对应尺寸?7?1mm对应的是20mm厚,28?1mm对应的是30mm厚?/p>


6. The processing of granite tiles

(1) Saw-Cutting, the granite blocks are cut to size so as to utilize them as slabs and tiles with the help of wire saws treated with different types of durable abrasives such as sand, diamond and aluminum oxide. High pressure water jets are also used to cut the granite in tandem with traditional wire saws.

(2) Polishing, after cutting is accomplished, adjust their thickness. The stone is polished on one side.

We use such polishing tool to polish the marble to be the high glossiness reflective surface. The type of abrasive pad is as follow: steel polish pad, 50#?00#?00#?00#?00#?500#, 2000#?/p>

?0# is the rough polishing type?00?00# are fine polishing type,above 800# belongs to the exquisite polishing type?/p>

(3) Chamfering, we usually chamfer the 1mm edge to make it feel round and smooth.

(4) Calibrating, Gauging; Measure each cut carefully, making sure you take into account the spacing necessary to make the appearance of the tiles consistent. Mark each tile on the back with a pencil.

(5) Cutting, then cut it with the wet saw. This is the job for a diamond bladed wet saw. It may seem like a large expense in order to cut just a few tiles around the edge of the room.

(6) Repairing, The equipment of repairing includes; mill paper, glue, color pen, blade and the powder of the stone (that one needs to be repaired)

If the gap or hole is too big or deep, we should firstly use the stone powder and glue mixture to fill the gap. After concretion, use the mill to polish, color it when necessary. If the hole is not big, using wax and the electric melting machine is enough.

(7) Sealing, The sealant acts as a protective coat for your granite tile. It protects the tile from moisture. You can purchase different types of cleaners and polishes to keep your granite tile free of dirt and scratch.




1) 锯割加工是用锯石机将花岗岩荒料锯割成毛板(一般厚度为20mm?0mm),或条状、块状等形状的半成品。该工序属粗加工工序,该工序对荒料的板材率、板材质量、企业的经济效益有重大影响。锯割加工常用设备有花岗岩专用的框架式大型自动加砂砂锯;多刀片双向切机;多刀片电脑控制花岗岩切机和花岗岩圆盘锯石机等花岗石平尺?/p>







7. Maintenance:

But of course in order to maintain the shine and beauty of your granite tile flooring, you have to take good care of it. Make sure to clean it with soap and clean cloth, gently rub your flooring and dry it after. If in case, there are spills on your marble tile flooring, clean it right away, do not let the spill be left on your marble tile flooring for long time, it may cause stain to your marble tile flooring.

8. Material available

Absolute Black, Shanxi black, black galaxy slabs, Tan Brown, Maple Red, Ivory Indian, Multicolor Red, White Galaxy, Tropical Green, Saphire Brown, Mardura Gold, India Blues, India Red, Kashmir Gold, Kashmir White, Black Pearl, Juparana Colombo, Bahama Blue, Antico Brown, Parodiso, Parodiso Green, San Francisco, Café Imperial, Giallo Cecilia, Rose White, Yellow Butterfly, Giallo Antico, Carioco Gold, Blue Eye, New Giallo Veneziano, Giallo San Francisco, Juparana Classico, Giallo Oranmental, Giallo Fiorito, Verde Butterfly, Brazil Gold, Giallo Santa Cecilia, Verde Ubatuba, Colonial Brazil, Tiger skin yellow, Veneziano gold, Peecock green, Samoa, Golden King, Imperial brown, Calefornia gold, Brazil White, Mahogany Dakota, Pink Porrino, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Labrador Antico, Tropical Brown golden leaf, Green Marinace, Carmen Red, Baltic Brown, Caledonia, Gardenia White, Xili Red, Huidong Red, Wave White, Big flower white, China green, Baltic Brown, Cafe Imperial, Raw Silk, Giallo Veneziano, Juparana Colombo, Golden Leaf, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Antico, Santa Cecilia, Madura Gold, Kashmir Gold, Giallo SF Real, Autumn Gold, Samoa, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Napoleon, Giallo California, Carioca Gold, Multicolor, Imperial Red, Santiago Red, Rosa Beta, Africa Red, Blue Pearl, Laverdar Blue, Blue Eyes, Emerald Pearl, Butterfly Green, Verde Uba tuba, Forest Green, Black Galaxy, Black labrador, Impala Black, Africa Black, Steel Gray, Paradiso, Belfast, Labrador, Imperial White, Kashmir White, White Galaxy, Regina White, G655 Hazel White, G654, G682 Golden Peach, Rustic yellow, Tan Sand, Golden Sand, G611 Almond Mauve, G634 Misty Mauve, G635 Pink Rose, G636 Almond Pink, G640 Luna Pearl, G648 Deer Brown, G664 Misty Brown, G657 Rosa Luna,, G684 Black Pearl, G687 Peach Red, G439 Big White Flower, Tiger Skin White, Leopard Skin, G562 Maple Leaves, Surf White, Shanxi Black, Absolute Black, Tianshan Red, Huidong Red, Chengde Green, Evergreen, Crystal Green, Ice Blue, Mum Yellow, Autumn Leaf, Butterfly Blue and Mongolia Black etc.

9. FAQ

1. What surface method can you supply to us?
An: Polished, honed, tumbled, bush-hammered, picked, sandblasted and chiseled finishes. Any method you can think of.

2. I need to order the Botticino Classico tiles, pls give me your details.
An: Dear sir, pls kindly note our quotation is based on half a container. It is because this color is rare, we need to cut the block into tiles at the same time. So pls do a favor to us if we could have enough cash flow and clear the stock promptly. Thanks for your understanding in this side!

Actually many marble colors required by our customers are offered in the unit of one whole container, like the Royal Botticiano, New Royal Botticiano which prices are in the high ends

Or if the quoted stone prices are in the low end, truthfully if you want to get a good price, pls kindly choose half a container for each color as an economical method. Like the G635, G636, G603, G681, G664, G687, Aromatic Jade, Fei net, Overload’s Flower, Dafang Grey, Black-White Veins etc.

3. Please send the pictures of the white marble. What is the best price you can offer for these stone size 60 x 60 x 2,00 and 80 x 80 x 2,00?
An:1. Because the white marble with 20mm is not a market size here, so Here we recommend the 17mm thickness which is widely accepted in the stone industry. GuangXi White, White Carrara, Bianco Carrara Venato and Crystal White are the popular white marble.

Actually many imported marble colors are all available in 17mm thick. Like the above white marble, Rojo Alicante, Rosalia, Angel Cream, Timber Travertine, Limestone, Emperador etc.

2. And I'm sorry the crystal white in 800*800*17mm is unavailable. You know the stone are natural, there always have little problems like color stripe and crack, especially for the white marble. In order to control the quality and supply you with the content products, pls refer to our recommend colors.

The same with Dynasty White, it usual contains some impurities and has yellow lines on the surface; It’s even unavailable for 600X600mm cut-to-size.
And Fei net, Cream Red. The reason is that we can avoid the breakage and better arrange the package. In another hand, the cost would be lower for the 305X305mm, 305X457mm etc sizes.

4. I’d like to get your price of the slate tiles.
An: Pls kindly check the quotation and note the below points:
1. Here we provide three slate colors: Black, Rust and Yellow.
2. The available size is 300X300X7~10mm. Due to the solid mineral composition and special structure, its hard to calibrated all the slate stone into the same standard thickness. Its thickness tolerance is within +/1 ~3mm.
3. Pls refer to the two surface finish methods: Sawn & honed. It’s all due to its special structure; they’re hard to reach to a mirror face.

5. What’s your package for the tiles?
Styrofoam box/ Foam box/ Paper Carton for the tiles/Cut-to-size,
Then we pack them within the Wooden Crates fasten with Plastic Strap.