Stone in Condomiums

1. What is Condo?
Condo 简�?/p>

2. Countertop in Condos

3. Producing process
Quotation and Shop drawings for a condo order
Condo的询价和制图过�?br> Special notice in Process for ordering
下单过程中需要注意事�?br> Producing process of Countertops
一般制作过�?br> Quality Control and Packing details

What is Condo?

Condominiums,又简称condo,是私人拥有所有权的公寓�?排屋(townhouses)。其花园、进入道等为共有。私人购买时,除付买房钱、地税等外,还需付一定的管理费(condominium fee)供维修等管理费用�p>

A condominium, or condo, is a form of housing tenure and other real property where a specified part of a piece of real estate (usually of an apartment house) is individually owned while use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, exterior areas is executed under legal rights associated with the individual ownership and controlled by the association of owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece. Colloquially, the term is often used to refer to the unit itself in place of the word "apartment". A condominium may be simply defined as an "apartment" that the tenant "owns" as opposed to rents.

クロ?strong> Condominium is the legal term used in the United States and in most provinces of Canada. In Australia and the Canadian province of British Columbia it is referred to as strata title. In Quebec the term syndicate of co-ownership is used. In England and Wales the equivalent is common hold, a form of ownership introduced in 2004 and still uncommon in most places.

Technically, a condominium is a collection of individual home units along with the land upon which they sit.クロエ人?strong> Individual home ownership within a condominium is construed as ownership of only the air space confining the boundaries of the home (Anglo-Saxon law systems; different elsewhere). The boundaries of that space are specified by a legal document known as a Declaration, filed of record with the local governing authority. Typically these boundaries will include the drywall surrounding a room, allowing the homeowner to make some interior modifications without impacting the common area. Anything outside this boundary is held in an undivided ownership interest by a corporation established at the time of the condominium’s creation. The corporation holds this property in trust on behalf of the homeowners as a groupâ€�?it may not have ownership itself.

The primary attraction to this type of ownership is the ability to obtain affordable housing in a highly desirable area that typically is beyond economic reach. Additionally, such properties benefit from having restrictions that maintain and enhance value, providing control over blight that plagues some neighborhoods. Big cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Calgary, Seattle, Mississauga, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, have much condo development.

Typically, a condominium consists of multi-unit dwellings (i.e., an apartment or a development) where each unit is individually owned and the common areas, such as hallways and recreational facilities, are jointly owned (usually as "tenants in common") by all the unit owners in the building. It is also possible for condominiums to consist of single family dwellings: so-called "detached condominiums" where homeowners do not maintain the exteriors of the dwellings,クロタ財?/strong> yards, etc. or "site condominiums" where the owner has more control and possible ownership (as in a "whole lot" or "lot line" condominium) over the exterior appearance. These structures are preferred by some planned neighborhoods and gated communities.

A homeowners association, consisting of all the members, manages the condominium through a board of directors elected by the membership. The same concept exists under different names depending on the jurisdiction, such as "unit title", "sectional title", "commonhold," "strata council," or "tenant-owner's association", "body corporate", "Owners Corporation", "condominium corporation" or "condominium association." Another variation of this concept is the "time share" although not all time shares are condominiums, and not all time shares involve actual ownership of (i.e., deeded title to) real property. Condominiums may be found in both civil law and common law legal systems as it is purely a creation of statute.

The restrictions for condominium usage are established in a document commonly called a "Declaration of Condominium". Rules of governance are usually covered under a separate set of Bylaws.クロタバッタ新作 Finally, a set of Rules and Regulations providing specific details of restrictions and conduct are established by the Board and are more readily amendable than the Declaration or Bylaws. Typical rules include mandatory maintenance fees (perhaps collected monthly), pet restrictions, and color/design choices visible from the exterior of the units. Condominiums are usually owned in fee simple title, but can be owned in ways that other real estate can be owned, such as title held in trust. In some jurisdictions, such as Ontario, Canada or Hawaii USA, there are "leasehold condominiums" where the development is built on leased land.

In general, condominium unit owners can rent their home to tenants, similar to renting out other real estate, although leasing rights may be subject to conditions or restrictions set forth in the declaration (such as a rental cap for the total number of units in a community that can be leased at one time) or otherwise as permitted by local law.

Granite and Marble Countertops in Condos

The Reasons For Their Popularity

Whenever there is a house being built, or a kitchen or bath is being remodeled, chances are there is going to be some talk about granite countertops. Granite countertops are a very popular choice among interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike. This is because granite possesses several sought-after characteristics that are essential for building the ultimate countertop.

クロタ店?/strong> Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock made of feldspar, mica, and more than 20 percent quartz. This excellent combination of minerals makes for its tough and durable quality. Granite countertops are very hard and durable. In fact, they cannot be scratched by anything, except by some other piece of granite, or of course, diamond, which is the hardest mineral on earth.

Countertops made from other materials are very susceptible to the elements, and even slight temperature changes can cause them to crack and split. But the mica component of granite countertops makes them very resistant to temperature. It doesn’t matter if you put down a container of ice cream on your granite countertops, or a pot of steaming soup �?the granite countertops will endure the temperature admirably, and not a single crack will appear on the surface.

These characteristics of granite countertops alone are enough to convince a homeowner to replace their own wooden or tile countertops with granite. But you would be delighted to know that there is more to granite than just their functionality. As a bonus, granite countertops look good as well!

Their appearance is also one of the main reasons why they are so popular, especially in hotels and other luxurious building. Granite countertops add an instant touch of class to any room. Also, granite countertops are a favorite among interior decorators because they go with just about any kind of room design.

Granite countertops are available in many different hues and patterns. Some designs may be more expensive than others,クロタアウトレッ?/strong> and these variations in price are largely dictated by the origin of certain pieces of granite. But when it comes to the stone's functionality, they are all at practically the same level. There are some stones, though, that have flaws that need to be filled in, and granite countertops made from these particular stones will be much less expensive than perfect ones.

Generally, granite countertops are really more costly than other kinds of countertops, but when you think about the benefits they can give you, their cost is in fact more than worth it. If you clean your granite countertops properly, they will last for a very long time. And because of their resistance to scratching and cracking, their beauty will endure as well.クロタアウトレッ?/strong>

Kitchen Countertop Fabrication Goes Modern
新式厨房台板应�?br> Kitchen Countertops Fabrication Is Going Spanking Day By Day:
Kitchen countertops are one of the most used items in any kitchen. First of all let us take a look at the different materials available today for building that perfect countertop. Formica countertops have always been an old stand by and are used in many new homes today, they are easy to clean and come in a wide selection of colors, not to mention less expensive than some of the other materials.

Granite countertops are also very popular. Granite is second only to diamonds in hardness, so they are more scratch resistant than most any other countertop material, and can take a hot pot without any protection. They will be somewhat more expensive, but in my opinion, well worth it if this look fits your plans. The look of granite has always been a favorite with many people. One reason for this is because of the highly polished designs.

Why Every Homeowner Prefer Kitchen Countertop Fabrication:
Homeowners who decide to install granite countertops for their homes need to choose beyond just the color of the stone. They also need to decide on the finish that they want applied to the surface of the stone. There are a few different finishes that can be applied to the surface of slab countertops. Each of these finishes creates a different look for the kitchen and the home. It will also determine the maintenance regimen that homeowners need to ensure to maximize the life of their granite countertops.

The three different finishes that are usually applied to the face of the stone include polished, stain and honed granite. A fabricate granite kitchen counter is one in which the surface of the slab is polished and shiny. The polishing process of the slab countertops involves placing the granite on an automated conveyor system which moves the slab through various stages of the finishing process. The sides of the granite slabs that need to be polished are place 'face-up' on the conveyor belt.クロタ財?/strong>

The granite slabs then go through a series of polishing wheels that are fitted with coarse abrasive pads as well as finer polishing pads. These pads grind the granite and then buff the surface to a smooth finish.

Benefits Of Kitchen Fabrication:
The advantage of a fabrication finish to granite countertops is that it adds depth to the room. A polished stone appears darker and richer. It is also easier to maintain these granite kitchen countertops. The stain finish on granite kitchen countertops is a relatively new finish. It provides a light gloss to the surface of the slab countertop. The gloss is between a polished look and a matte finish.

クロタ人?/strong>The honed surface look for a granite countertop is achieved by pulling the granite slabs out of the conveyor belt before they can be buffed. This provides the granite slabs with a matte finish. The problem with using a matte finished granite slab on a kitchen countertop is that the slab can stain easily. Also, these slabs are duller than the polished stones and therefore could bring about a dull tone to the kitchen.

Are You Considering Installing Granite Kitchen Countertops?
Granite Can Be The Perfect Addition To Contemporary Kitchen Designs

When it comes to contemporary kitchen designs, a growing number of homeowners are choosing granite over other kitchen countertop options. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that they are the right choice for you.

In fact, as with any kitchen countertop material, there are pros and cons associated with using granite as well as with any other type of natural material. Therefore, it is important for you to weigh the pros and cons before determining if granite is the right choice for you.

The Pros of Using Granite For Your Kitchen Countertop

クロタバッタ/strong> There are many pros associated with using granite in your kitchen. One of the greatest benefits to using granite in contemporary kitchen designs is the fact that it such an attractive option. Most people agree that granite offers a timeless elegance and beauty that cannot be surpassed by other countertop options. But, does it have more to offer than just great looks?

The fact is that granite offers a number of benefits to the homeowner when used in the kitchen. These include...
* Granite is highly durable, which means you don't have to worry about it breaking if items are dropped on it
* Granite is resistant to scratching, which means you can scrape small appliances across it and cut the food you are preparing directly on your countertop without fear of scratching
* Granite is resistant to heat, which means you can place hot pots and pans directly on your countertop without worrying about it causing the countertop to crack, warp or otherwise get damaged

With so many benefits associated with granite kitchen countertops, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to go natural when designing a new kitchen.

The Cons of Using Granite For Your Kitchen Countertop

Of course, no material is perfect. As such, it should come as no surprise that there are some potential downsides to using granite. Some of these include...
* Granite is porous, which means it has to be resealed every year to avoid problems with germ accumulation
* Granite is one of the more expensive countertop options
* Granite is installed as one giant piece, which can make installation difficult

Whether or not these cons are actually an issue for you depends upon your personal situation. For example, you may not consider resealing your granite every year to be a hassle. In addition, if you are adding a new kitchen to your home, finding a way to bring in the new granite countertop may not be as difficult as it would be if you were simply remodeling.

The bottom line is that granite is a beautiful addition to contemporary kitchen designs. Therefore, if your budget allows it, you should certainly consider installing granite kitchen countertops in your home.

Kitchen Countertop Materials - What's Best For You?
哪一种厨房台板材料最适合您�?br> However, granite costs from about $60-$150 per square foot, with the rare ones priced at upwards of $300. This makes it rather impractical for people who have allotted just a couple of thousand dollars on a kitchen renovation.

With this price, your renovation bill can run up to more than a thousand dollars on the countertop alone. If you can afford it, granite is certainly one of the best kitchen countertop materials around. Its strength is unparalleled in the kitchen design scene and it possesses a natural beauty that synthetic or man-made kitchen countertop materials cannot match.

Factors to be considered As mentioned above, durability in a kitchen countertop is key. The surface has to be able to withstand the stress of the activities that go on in a kitchen. Wood has been used as kitchen countertop materials for ages but the surface of wood, although it is one of the hardwoods such as maple, oak, cherry, or mahogany, still cannot escape chips and discoloration.

In time, the wood may even rot if the wood is not treated regularly and moisture seeps into the grain. To keep it looking new, treat the wood with mineral oil and sand and re-finish the surface regularly if necessary. However, if you want a distressed look for your counter, then leave the nicks and chips as they are.

Ceramic tiles can easily crack when accidentally struck with a heavy object. It is especially prone to damage when a heavy chopping board is placed on top of it and large bones or poultry are being chopped. They also cannot hold up to extreme heat and are therefore not the most ideal material for use as backsplashes for stoves.

Marble is a kitchen countertop material that had its heyday in the '80s. It was also used in almost every part of the home, from bathroom counters to flooring to side tables to bathroom walls. It lost popularity when people who used them for kitchen countertops started having problems with seepage. In addition, other types of classier-looking stone entered the market and upstaged the then-ubiquitous marble.

The popular choice of chefs for commercial kitchens is stainless steel. Undoubtedly, it can withstand extremes in temperature, but this kitchen countertop material can sustain scratches and nicks. Care must be taken when installing stainless steel kitchen countertops because otherwise, the material can dent from a faulty installation.

If all these are way beyond your budget, then you'd have to settle for a laminate countertop. Laminates are plastic sheets that are glued onto the existing Kitchen Countertop. It may be possible for you to come across a few stylish designs, but the difference between laminates and other kitchen countertop materials is the durability.

Laminates are neither heat- nor scratch-resistant, and so those who have them installed must expect to refurbish countertops often. The homeowner should also be extremely careful in keeping hot objects away from the surface, as it would instantly stain and warp.

Five Types of Black Granite For Your Kitchen Worktop
厨房工作台常用五种暗色石�?br> Granite is a fantastic choice for a kitchen worktop. It is durable and extremely long lasting. This coupled with the fact that there are many differing colours to choose from, makes this type of stone one of the best for a kitchen worktop or work surface.

In this article, I will be discussing some of the main attributes and qualities for; Star Galaxy; Impala Black, Emerald Black, Zimbabwe Black and Ubatuba granite, as these are types of stone I have observed consumers purchasing.

I would also like to mention that this is not a comparison of how expensive these types of granite are, but more of an explanation and description of what they are and how, by knowing a little bit more about their colours and veining or not as the case may be, it may help you to see where these colours could fit within your design and room décor.

Star Galaxy
Star Galaxy is quarried in India and has a beautiful black surface with copper and gold flecks within, which tend to vary from stone to stone. Star Galaxy also boasts small silver markings, which underline the stone and sparkle when the light hits them.

Impala Black
Quarried in South Africa, Impala Black is a mottled grey with very little colour within. Interestingly enough; some grades can even appear grey mottled black, which is quite a contrast.

Emerald Black
Emerald Black is a fantastic choice of stone. It is quarried in Norway and is commonly a black to very dark grey in colour, often found with flecks of each within. Adding the icing to the cake; Emerald Black has pearlescent crystals within. Varying in size, these crystals glow when light hits them - truly magical!

Zimbabwe Black
Zimbabwe Black is from Zimbabwe (funny enough) and is one of my favourites! It is part of the 'Nero Absoluto' granite family (which is something I will talk about in a future article) and is rarely absolutely black. It tends to have small cloud-like markings within, ranging from grey to white.

Ubatuba is a truly interesting stone / granite as it is not really black, but for many, it can appear this way. Ubatuba is quarried in Brazil and is commonly a dark green to gold in colour, but in a low light can have a mottled black effect. Ubatuba matches excellently with Oak, so for a kitchen, this could be the answer!

Quotation and Shop drawings for a condo order


First after we received the blue print for the whole project plan,

We have to make a list for the detailed calculation of the unit types and room numbers.

然后再根据每种型号列出其中需要的产品所用面积以及基本尺寸大å°�?根据客户的要求,如石种,橱柜宽度,所需磨边方式提供第一份产品图纸和报价ã€￿br> Then we would measure the area while our product would be used, and according to the customer’s request like stone color, depth of the cabinet and edge they want to make the first quotaion and shop draiwing.

再由客户根据实际情况在图纸或报价上进行修改,调整从而达到最后的统一�?br> The customer could then make amendment on the quotation or shop drawings according to the actual situation in field or final plan. Amendments would go on for several times till we got the final shop drawings and quotations.

客户对盆的要求或告知盆的型号ã€￿br /> The customer’s request on sinks or tell us the model no they would use on the sink choice.

做出我们使用的开盆图纸ã€￿br /> The detailed Sink cut out drawing for vanity tops:

Special notice in Process for ordering


Normally the customer would send us the blue print of the whole project for the condos. We would make out the primary shop drawing and list for quotation to the customer, then the customer could check all the data like size, unit type, room number and quantity for the actual situation. Special notice is that the unit type might have regular and reverse types, although they might share the same price, the shop drawing would be completely different like the sink location. So we have to confirm the type regular or reverse and their quantity and room no.
Other details like sink cut out is also very important that needs to be confirmed.
The thickness for kitchen tops would be 3cm or 2cm+ laminated front, vanity tops could be 2cm thick, but some customer would require that all main tops to be 3cm just 2cm splashes.

Producing process of Countertops


Normally we would pick up the blocks in the market for every specific order, the color and quantity would be matched for just the order.

二, 大åˆ￿br /> Cutting

大切为石料加工的第一步,目前大切的工具一般是金刚石圆盘锯机ã€￿br /> 圆盘锯机的锯切深度受到了锯片直径的限制, 一般不能超过锯片直径çš�? / 3ã€�?br /> 目前我们大部分工厂圆盘刀片的规格æœ�?M,2.8M,2.6M,2.5M,2.2M,2M,1.8M,1.6M,1.4M,1.2M,80CM,60CM。而刀片厚度一般æœ￿MM~6MM,最深可切纵深çº�?.4M的荒料,石料厚度最薄可达çº�?MMã€�?/p>

The first step of producing is to cut the block into pieces of slabs.
Now the most used equipment is the diamond round circle saw.
The slab size is limited by the diameter of the round saw blade, normally the width of the slab would be no large than 1/3 of the diameter of one round saw blade.
And normal round saw blade diameter includes 3M,2.8M,2.6M,2.5M,2.2M,2M,1.8M,1.6M,1.4M,1.2M,80CM,60CM. The thickness of one blade is 8mm~6mm. So the largest block one round saw can cut is1.4meter high, and the thinnest slab is 7mm

组合锯Parallel Saw
以多片锯片以一定的间隔装在同一主轴上同时对石材进行加å·�? 多用于加工大板ã€￿br /> Using many saw blades to cut one clock in one time, used to cut gang saw slabs

荒料经大切之后可以较细观察石料好坏。如发现有纹,洞等瑕疵需要刷胶粘合�?br /> After cutting, more problems can be found like small vein or pore, such slabs may need to be re-treated like using glue to fix the blemish.

因为石头材质的不同,一般好的花岗岩较少刷胶,而大理石一般刷胶较多�?br /> Marbles would need the glue more than granites.

天气好的话,半小时至一小时胶就能干透�?br /> Normally the glue will dry within half or one hour if the weather is good.

定厚。根据需要对板材厚度进行加工ã€￿br /> 并不是所有板材都需要定厚,一般板材规格厚度差距在允许公差范围之外才需要定厚ã€�?br /> Thickness control:
Normally the thickness would be within requirement, if not, it has to be send to the machine of re-defining its thickness. But Some customer may have special request on the thickness of the products, tolerance within 0.05mm, then every piece may need to be passing this process.


手扶式磨抛�?br /> 该机工作原理为主电机通过皮带传动使垂直安装的主轴和安装在主轴下的磨盘作旋转运�? 使用扶手借助两节摇臂可使磨盘沿着石材制品表面移动和在有限范围内上下移�? 通过加压装置或人工加压使磨盘上磨石对石材表面产生磨削作�? 从而完成研磨抛光作�? 它在同一台机床上通过手工更换磨盘的方�? 可相继完成粗�? 半细�? 细�? 精磨, 抛光的全�?br /> 作业.
Semi-hand control Polishing machine
The polishing machine can finish the first, second, third till the very high degree polishing though using different changeable polishing tray

多头式连续磨抛�?br /> 通过在生产线上安装多个不同的磨块和抛光�? 一次性完成石材的粗�? 细�? 精磨抛光的全部加工过�?

Auto Pipelining Polishing machine
Pipelining processing machine to achieve volume-produce, but it only suitable for plane tops like gang saw slabs.

四�?切�?br /> Edge cutting
按照所需规格将板材切开,进行各种外形的造型ã€￿br /> Cut the shape and size of the tops.

红外线自动切割�?br /> 优点:切割石材快效率准确率高;缺点:若刀片不好或石质不行,容易造成石材缺角等缺陷�?br /> Anto machine
Fast and accurate, but if the stone is too fragile or the blade too blunt, the stone is easy to have a rough edge.

手动式切割�?br /> Hand cutting machine

造型之后如需加厚边再粘加厚边,加厚边一般是2cm但也要看客户的具体要求具体做ã€￿br /> After cutting the shape and size, if the edge is laminated, we need to stick one more piece on the back of the top.

粘边定型,一般20分钟至半小时胶就能干ã€￿br /> Normally the sticking glue would dry in 20mins or 30mins.

五�?车边 Edge finishing

车边的机头可换,以此来做出不同造型加工的边ã€￿br /> The edge finishing machine could cut different shape of edges though changing the mould.

机器加工之后再由人工磨车一遍。使其更工整光亮顺滑ã€￿br /> After machine cutting, hand cutting and polishing would make the edge more nice and smooth.

一般使用砂轮�?0号)�?0号进行割磨。Hand cutting machine

一般板材边的造型有:The common edges:
ç›´è¾¹EE: Eased and Polished Edge
圆�?FB: Full Bull Nose

半圆�?HB: Half Bull nose

斜边(不规则边)BV: Beveled Edge

鸭嘴边Ogee Edge

加厚圆边(牛鼻边)LMFB: Laminated Full Bull Nose Edge

加厚直边LMEE: Laminated Eased & Polished Edge

加厚鸭嘴边LMOG: Laminated Ogee Edge

双层鸭嘴�?Double OG

Vanity tops

ï¼￿br />

钻孔(洗面台水龙头孔�?br /> Cutting the sink cut out and faucet holes

洗面盆安装孔螺栓的粘�?br /> Stick the sink clip nut in the back of the top(with in the sink clip hole). For the under mount sinks.

å…­ï¼�?è´¨æ£￿br /> Quality Control
判定板材的手感,光滑度,加厚边的粘合,花纹色调,缺陷,规格等ã€￿br /> 要求同一批大理石板材的花纹色调应基本调和。无明显缺陷,板材正面不许有缺棱掉角缺陷ï¼?br /> 为保证板材铺贴后接缝整齐,规格尺寸不能超过允许偏差、平整度允许极限公差、角度允许极限公差ã€?p>

The size of the tops, smooth and glaze of the top surface, the stick of the laminated front, the color difference are all what we should pay attention to when quality control.
The products within one project/order should be no big color difference, no big disfigurement were allowed, the top surface could not have the roughness, all tolerance should be within the standard.

工人正在进行补�?蜡 Fixing the surface with glue/wax

质检——测量板材的规格长度等。Length measurement

质检——最后细处不平整的加工(补胶的磨平�?br />

一般洗面台若开口距边不到7æˆ￿cm,则需要加钢筋加固。即使超过此距离,如客户有要求也必须在背面加固钢筋ã€￿br /> IF the distance between the sink cut and the edge of the top is within 7~8cm, then steel rod to reinforce would be necessary. But to add the rod or not, would depends on customer’s request, that even if it’s bigger than that, the customer’s request would also be the first thing to obtain.

The quality control standard of the condo kitchen top

组合台板因为是直接面对终端客户(直接在工程可装)除了第一点质量标准,尺寸,手感,不能又破损等等之外,还有其它因素需要考虑�?br /> 1. 同一间房那的组合台板不能有色差,否则给人非常不好的视观冲突感,在此基础上,当然整批货尽量不出现大的色差也是前提�?
2. 同一间房的组合台板之间的厚度需要统一,不能出现厚度差距悬殊的情况,影响视观与手感�?
3. 对与有花色走向或花色走向明显的石种,同一房间的组合台板之间,存在石材纹路走向的问题,纹路走向统一或者不统一,都是必须在报价时先考虑到的因素,因为这不仅影响的时视观同样也对成本有重要影响,因此有义务在是就提醒客户注意到走向这个因素产生的影响,由客户确认能不能接受各种方案�br /> 以上的问题导致在做组合台面板的时候,做好后必须在工厂进行预拼,找到相似花色,厚度的台板预拼在一起,检查对接缝拼合度,花色,厚度等等问题,并在拼好之后确认贴标,方便装箱以及客人安装。同一个房间装一起�?br /> As our product, it is first the common sense that they have to up to the market standard.
But the Customerized condo kitchen tops are sold to the customer who can install them in field without re-treating, so it has some more standards.
1. The goods within one room should not have color difference, while the whole order should in a similar color range.
2. The thickness of goods within one room should not have big tolerance as they are installed in the same cabinet and the thickness could be felt and saw clearly.
3. Some stone have vein direction, it make effect the cost and appearance of the whole project. So when quoting stones which has vein direction, we would confirm that with our customers.
All the factors have lead to the special standard of the customerized condo kitchen tops should be pre-matched in the factory, to match the color and thickness and the seam joint. After that, label them and go on the next step.

七, 包�?br> PAcking
在检查无误符合规格以后,就要对产品进行贴标,包装了ã€￿br> Once the products are checked to be standard, they are going to be packed.

贴标待包�?Labeled products

包装时钝面与钝面相对,在光面之间夹防划伤的软膜片ã€￿br /> 根据客户要求或石质对产品进行包膜,一般颜色较深石材(如山西黑)为防止刮伤影响视观会进行包膜处ç�?br /> The tops should be packed back side va back side and top vs top with a foam membrane to avoid scratching. The black or dark stone may need a piece of plastic membrane to cover its top to double ensure, but if customer requires, other stones would also be packed.

一般包装规æ �?件为16片ï¼�?平方â‰�?5KG,颜色越深的石材越重ã€￿br /> Normally, one crate contains 16pieces of tops, the more darker the color is, the heavier the stone is.

特殊注意ï¼�?br /> 因为客户做Condo一般整个工程有很多建筑或是同一建筑中有很多楼层,这样在下单前就必须要注明好包装说明,按照客户提供的房间型号或者房间号包装,以减少客户拆包装后还要进行产品长距离的搬运浪费人力且增加破损危险性ã€￿br /> 并且必须在产品上按房号,型号,贴好标签以方便客户拆箱安装ã€?p>


Special Notice:
As there might be may building within one project and one building has many floors, the room no for each unit type would be necessary then. We have to special notice when ordering, that all the tops and splashes should be labeled with room mo or unit type so that it would be easier for the customer to unpack and install. Also, that would help to the packing, we would pack all the products of a same building or floor together so that the customer do not need to unpack all of them at one place and carry it to different places, which wastes time, human resource and increases the risk of breaking.

What’s more, some customer may have special requirements on the wood crates, for example, to re-strengthen them or to make the crate available for the fork lift to carry it in 4 direction not just two, these are all need to be special notice when ordering.